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{ My Colour and Style }

A few months back I had the pleasure of meeting Lynnette Jackson, who got in touch with me requesting a head shot and business lifestyle session.  Lynnette is a personal stylist and runs a very successful business called ‘My Colour and Style’.  Trained by the world-renowned experts in image consultation, ‘Colour Me Beautiful’, Lynnette’s service covers full image consultation, colour analysis and prescribed make up for individuals and groups.


Lynnette asked me for professional head shot and business lifestyle images that portrayed all of her best professional traits as a personal colour and style consultant set within her home studio, so that clients could see exactly where they would visit her for a colour or style consultation and envisage how comfortable a session with her would be.

At this stage I had never met a personal stylist and image consultant before so to be very honest with you I did not know what to expect upon meeting Lynnette and I was a little bit nervous about my own very practical wardrobe choice for my mornings work with her.

When I met Lynnette on the day she was immaculately presented and every aspect of her, from her smile to her hand shake projected a sense of inner confidence and calm.  15 minutes later sitting down with her, in her bright and airy kitchen, coffee in hand, I got to know a very professional lady who takes a lot of pride in her work as a style and colour consultant.

I also found her to be a very approachable, friendly, warm, down to earth and effervescent lady; who seemed very intent on making me feel at ease when I was welcomed into her beautiful home in Croxley Green.  And, funnily enough, these were in fact the very qualities that she wanted portrayed in her headshot and business lifestyle session.

Lynnette shared a number of inspiring thoughts about what drives her and the work she does, to help people to be ‘the very best versions of themselves’ by enhancing their looks in relation to their personality.

I often wondered if paying for a colour consultation might mean you were going to end up wearing lots of very bright colours all of the time.  When, actually, Lynnette was very set on colour consultations being about understanding her clients personality and finding her clients “the right colours working in harmony and that might not necessarily be bright colours.”  She also talked about taking things at the clients pace as it was her job to carefully read what sized ‘steps’ or ‘risks’ a client was ready to take when it came to introducing certain colours or styles.

When Lynnette described the services she offers to her clients, she explains that…. “ ‘My Colour and Style’ is about you. Colours that enhance your natural beauty and style, also enhance your body shape. You can look good whatever your size, shape, age or budget.”  She went on to say, “for me the Colour Me Beautiful approach works just as well for everyday wear as it does for a ‘special event’.  You have the opportunity to look great in jeans and a t-shirt for a relaxed family outing, as much as you can look great in a knockout dress for a special occasion.”

The bottom line for Lynnette is enjoying seeing her clients shine.  She says …“You take pleasure in seeing people shine, being more present in the room. Style helps people feel more confident. The outside image is actually the nice bi-product but ultimately what drives me is how style can enhance inner confidence, which can also build on workplace or social performance, which in turn builds more confidence… and so on. I also hope that I don’t just tell someone what to do, I show them what to do.”

Lynnette and I had a very enjoyable morning trying out different ideas for her session and she was over the moon with the results.  Here are some of our favourites.




In today’s very media driven society it is hard to avoid the need for a professional head shot and a set of lifestyle images that portray you and your business in action, especially if you use social media and other online platforms to promote yourself and/or your business.   I am now offering mini head shot sessions on set days throughout the year, for anyone who requires a professional image of themselves for online media such as Facebook, Linked In, etc.   I am also offering half and full day business lifestyle packages, which include head shots. Please get in touch with me using the contacts page on my website or phone 07903772960 to find out about my package prices and to check my availability for . You can also ask to sign up to my quarterly newsletter.

You can see one of her lovely head-shots over here on her My Colour and Style Website, where you can also read more about Lynnettes story and how she came to establish her colour and image consulting business.

….and you might have noticed from the packaging and jewellery shots that Lynnette also sells the very beautiful Stella and Dot range of jewellery and accessories. You can purchase these from Lynnette in person or online here: