Merry Christmas from your Surrey and London family photographer

{Merry Christmas from your Surrey and London family photographer!}

It’s that time of year again where I have the pleasure of popping on here and wishing you all a wounderful Christmas and a happy New Year. Here’s hoping you have a peaceful Christmas without too much more rushing about, some time hopefully to sit and enjoy being with your children/family and hopefully not too many dishes and cleaning up to do! (….here’s hoping!).

As some of you will know I always tend to make a bit of a fuss about producing a Christmas card each year. It all starts in late October when I come up with an idea for the card and find a willing model to work with.  Then in November, after I have finished my Autumn season of outdoor mini sessions and family sessions I take a day out of my schedule to shoot and edit a series of images for my annual Christmas card.

You can see my Christmas shoot from 2016 here and my 2015 Christmas shoot is here.  I didn’t manage to produce a card last year as we were in the midldle of a big house move. : )

This year I had the added excitement of my Christmas card shoot also being a commissioned shoot for the front cover of Life in Farnham magazine! Hooray! You can see the cover and the e-zine version in it’s entirity here.

When I logged in to write this blog today I was a little shocked and embarrased that I have let my blogging habit lapse for such a long time. Whilst I really like being able to keep my blog up to date I am also regularly adding updates to my facebook page and this year I have really enjoyed the merits of Instagram as it is a very visual platform. If you haven’t found me on either of these platforms yet then here are the links to make it easy for you to find me out there.  And when you do find me (don’t be shy) say hello!  Facebook  Instagram